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How to program your Remote Control

Image by Nick Fewings


Locate your Model number

The model number is on the back of the remote or inside where the batteries are located. The model number will help you locate the QSG, User Manual & Warrant Information


Locate your Revision Number

The revision number is also on the back of the remote or inside where the batteries are located.

 The revision number is needed to program the remote.  

    Here is an example of where to find the Model & Revision numbers are
on the back of all rechargeable models. For the battery operated remotes, this information is inside where the batteries are located.  

Terk Remote 2.png


Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 8.55.32 AM.png

To look up your Device Number


Double click below.  On this next page, Remote Code Finder, select your Revision number, then select your device name, and lastly your device type that you are trying to program. This will give you the code you need to program your remote to the desired device.

There may be more than one code available, some codes may operate only a few device functions on the remote, so test other codes for more functionality.

Step 3 -  Determine which setup videos for your remote control 

Setup Video for
revision numbers: R341U1,
  R271U1 or R271U2   

Setup video for
     all other
revision numbers.    

Our online customer service was developed for quick and easy access to all your product questions.  We appreciate your business and value your time.  We have links to download your user manual and step-by-step training videos to help you enjoy your new product. 

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